St. Stanislaus, Bishop and Martyr

Memorial: April 11 – Patron of Poland

St. Stanislaus was born on July 26, 1030 at Sezepanow in the diocese of Cracow, Poland.  In his childhood were laid the foundation st-stanislaus_windowof his future sanctity.  After an early training in the schools of his native country and at the University of Gnesna, he was sent to Paris, where he spent seven years in the study of canon law and theology.  Out of humility he refused the degree of doctor and returned home.

On the death of his parents he gave away his ample fortune to the poor, and received the order of priesthood from the Bishop of Cracow, who made him canon of the cathedral and, soon afterward, preacher and vicar-general.  His sermons produced a wonderful reformation of manners.  After the death of the Bishop he was unanimously chosen to succeed him in 1072.

Boleslaus II, then King of Poland, was leading an infamous life.  The Saint reproached him in private with the irregularity of his conduct.  The King at first seemed to repent, but he soon broke out again into enormous excesses.  The Saint again remonstrated, and threatened excommunication.  The King became enraged.

Finally, in 1079, after much patience, the Bishop pronounced upon him the sentence of excommunication.  This cost him his life, for while he was in a small chapel outside of Cracow the King and his guards entered.  When the guards refused to obey the wicked order of the King to put Bishop Stanislaus to death, the impious King murdered the holy Bishop with his own hands.

PRAYER   God, for Your honor the holy Bishop Stanislaus fell before the swords of his persecutors.  Grant that we may be strong in the Faith and persevere until death.  Amen.


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