Sts. Cosmas and Damian, Martyrs



September 26

Sts. Cosmas and Damian were brothers, and born in Arabia, but studued the
sciences in Syria, and became eminent for their skill physic. Being Christians,
and full ofSts. Cosmas and Damian that holy
temper of charity in which the spirit of our divine religion consists, they
practised their profession with great application and wonderful success, but
never took any fee. They were loved and respected by the people on account of
the good offices received from their charity, and for the zeal for the
Christian Faith, which they took every opportunity to propogate. When the
persecution of Diocletian began to rage, it was impossible for persons of so
distinguished a character to lie concealed. They were therefore apprehended by
the order of Lysias, Governor of Cilicia, and after various torments were bound
hand and foot and thrown into the sea.

Reflection.–We may sanctify our labor or industry, if
actuated by the motive of charity toward others, even whilst we fulfil the
obligation we owe to ourselves and our families of procuring an honest and
necessary substinence, which of itself is no less noble a virtue, if found in
motives equally pure and perfect.


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